The Rev. Arthur H. Gray, M.A.

Born at Glasgow on January 7, 1900, Arthur Howat Gray was educated at Albert Road Academy, the University of Glasgow and Trinity College. He graduated M.A. in 1930 and was licensed by Glasgow Presbytery In i933.

He was a Student Assistant at Kingston born 1920 to 1932 and Assistant Minister at Old Partick from 1932 to 1934. Ordained and inducted to St. Francis-in-the-East on January 24, 1935, translated to Aberdeen North in 1950; in 1957 he went to St. John’s, Paisley; and came to Pollokshields-Titwood in April 22, 1966.

At Pollokshields, Mr. Gray was assured of a warm welcome and many friends. He was returning to his calf-country where he was not without honour and where, as a young boy, he had been connected with both the churches which form his united charge.

Chairman of the Religious Advisory Committee of Scottish Television Ltd. he was well-known throughout Scotland from his appearance on "Late Call". When he was seriously ill in 1973 anxious enquiries about his progress came from all over the country.

At the time of writing, Mr. Gray’s ministry in Pollokshields-Titwood still continues and we respect his firmly held view that the account ends with the above-recorded facts.

Rev Artgur H. Gray

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