During the period c. I890 to 1922 Pollokshields Parish Church did mission work in Tradeston, providing Services of Worship, the Sacraments, Sunday School and Young Men's Guild, with missionaries and a deaconess in the area. When an Assistant was appointed to the church it was customary for him to be in charge of the Tradeston Mission. After it closed there were times when Dr. Sibbald had an Assistant to help in the work of the parish as he still maintained a personal interest in those who had been connected with the mission.

It has not been possible to trace all the former assistants but the following notes, set down in "Who', Who" journalese, may recall pleasant events from the past.

George Wauchope STEWART - Born 1863; Edinburgh University M.A. 1885, B.D. 1887; Licensed 1887; Assistant at Girvan and at Pollokshields; Ordained to West Parish, Fraserburgh, 1891; Inducted to Rosemount, Aberdeen, 1901; to Fyvie 1906; to Second Charge, Haddington, 1911; to First Charge, Haddington, 1913; Demitted 1932. One of the greatest authorities on Church Music; Joint-Convener, Public Worship and Aids to Devotion Committee; Committee of Psalmody & Hymns, 1923; Edinburgh D.D. 1923; Baird Lecturer 1926; Contributor to Hastings' "Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels". Publication, "Music in the Church". Died 1942.

John Dall GLASS - Born 1858; Glasgow University, Licensed 1887; Assistant at St. Mungo’s and at Pollokshields; Ordained to West Parish, Dalry, 1897; Inducted to St. James's Glasgow 1910. Died 1924.

Norman MacLEOD - Born 1873, son of Rev. Dr. Donald MacLeod first minister of both St. Mark's Dundee and of St. Columba's Pont Street, London; St. Andrews University; Licensed 1897; Assistant at Pollokshields, 1899/1903; Locum Tenens, Canonbie, March 1903; ordained to Lossiemouth (Drainie Chapel of Ease) September, 1903; Inducted to Belhaven, Dunbar" 1914; to St. Bride's, Partick, 1927. He was an authority on Scottish Church Worship; and for some years President, Scottish Church Society. His daughter married F.N. Davidson Kelly, LL.B., a former member of Pollokshields Parish.

Alexander Colin HENDERSON - Born 1857; Glasgow University M. A. 1878, B.D. 1882; Licensed by U.P. Presbytery, 1882; Ordained to U.P. Church, Newburgh, 1884; demitted 1892; Assistant at Gilfillan Memorial Dundee; Inducted to Unitarian Congregation, Melbourne; Lecturer under McQuaker Trust, U.K.; Assistant at Clark's Lane Congregational Church, Kilmarnock, 1900; Admitted to Church of Scotland, 1902; Missionary at Rusness, Sanday; Tradeston Mission, 1902; Thornwood Mission, Bothwell 1903; inducted to Delting, 1904; Demitted 1907; assistant at St. Michael's, Edinburgh, 1907; Admitted to Buckhaven, 1908; to Whalsay, 1910; demitted 1915; Assistant at Rosskeen, Forfar and other parishes; Admitted to Holm, 1919; demitted 1924; Elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1905; Publications, "A Popular introduction to Astronomy" and "Small's History of U. P. Congregations 1, 198". Died 1925, R.I.P.

Matthew STEWART - Born New Year's Day, 1881; Glasgow University M.A. (Hons.) Classics, 1902, with many distinctions; Snell Exhibitioner, Balliol College, Oxford, B. A. Class., Mods. & Greats, 1906; G1asgow Divinity Hall, further distinctions, B.D. 1909 with Mackenzie Scholarship award; Licensed 1909; Assistant at Pollokshie1ds 1909/11; Assistant Blackfriars, Glasgow 1911/12; Ordained to St. Paul's, Perth, 1912; Inducted to Keith. 1914; to Second Charge, Hamilton, 1926; to First Charge Hamilton, 1930; demitted 1948. Freeman of the Burgh. Chaplain, 6th Gordon Highlanders, World War 1; Lecturer, Pastoral Theology, Aberdeen and G1asgow Universities; very active in the Church-Courts, one time Convener, Church & Nation Committee. D.D. Glasgow University, 1944; Moderator, General Assembly, 1947/48. Died 1952.

William White ANDERSON - Born 1888; Glasgow University M. A. 1911; Miss10ner' New Brunswick, Canada, 1912; Licensed 1914; Assistant at Pollokshields 1914/15; Ordained Chaplain to the Forces 1915; Senior Chaplain (9th & Lowland Div.), Army of Occupation, Germany; M.C. 1918; Editor 14th A. & S.H. trench magazine "DOO" and 2nd Corps A. of O. weekly "Watch on the Rhine". Inducted to Bellahouston 1919; to New Kilpatrick, Bearsden, 1926; to St. Cuthbert’s Collegiate Charge, Edinburgh, 1931; to First Charge St. Cuthbert's, 1936. Between wars acted Chaplain to R.N.V.R., founded Church of Scotland Chaplaincy at R. N. Barracks, Devonport, World War II; V.R.D.; Moderator of Edinburgh Presbytery 1942; D.D., Glasgow, 1943; President Scottish Churches Society 1943; Chaplain ­in-Ordinary to Kin, 1949; to Queen 1952. Moderator General Assemb1y 1951/52 and during, his term of office had the distinction of being first minister to conduct a televised church service in Scotland. He held many appointments on Committees of the General Assembly at various times and in addition was Governor, Fettes College; Director, Edinburgh Concert Society; Chairman, Donaldson Trust for Education of Deaf and Dumb Children; Director, Society for Teaching Outdoor, Blind to Read in their Own Homes; Member, Committee of Royal Society for Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen. Died 1956.

Andrew EIvin HART - Born 1989; Glasgow University M.A., 1915 acted Assistant at Pollokshields c. 1915/17. Enlisted in ranks of R.G.A.; Licensed 1918; demobbed 1919; Assistant Rutherglen; Ordained and Inducted to Cookney 1919; to Coylton, 1932; demitted 1962. In 1974 was still acting interim moderator or locum tenens at times. In December he wrote that he thinks he should take things easier in future. He says he was Student Assistant at Pollokshields in full charge of the Mission and assisting Mr. Caie at all the church services - rather more than we would expect of a student assistant in 1975.

Thomas Kennedy JOHNSTONE - Born 1890; Glasgow University M. A. 1914; H.M. Forces 1914/18; demobbed wounded; Licensed 1919; Assistant at Pollokshields 1919; Ordained and Inducted to Balmaclellan 1920; to East Kilbride Old, 1932. Retired, and at time of writing is enjoying life at New Galloway and still interested in Pollokshields.

Charles Michael HEPBURN - Born 1894; Edinburgh University M. A. 1915, B.D. 1920; served with A. &S.H. in World War I; Licensed 1920; Assistant at Pollokshields, Ordained and Inducted to West Dalkeith, 1923; to Moulin 1925; to St. Michael’s, Crieff 1939. Died c. 1970.

John Douglas GLENNIE - Born 1895. Served in World War 1 with Gordon Highlanders and Machine Gun Corps. Aberdeen University M. A. 1921, B.D. 1925; Licensed 1923; Assistant at Nigg; Missionary at Hunton, Orkney; Assistant at Pollokshields; Ordained to Ladybank, 1925; Inducted to Stirling West 1929; demitted 1935 preparatory to restoration of the ancient Church of the Holy Rode; locum tenens at St. Peter's, Thurso, 1935, Admitted to Kirkpatrick Durham, 1938; Chaplain to Ayrshire Yeomanry and a base hospital In France, 1939. Died 1940.

Graeme Ismay Davidson KELLY - Born 1904; Glasgow University M.A. 1926; Licensed 1929; ordained Assistant at Pollokshields 1929; Chaplain to St. Andrew's Church, Buenos Aires, Argentine, i929; Inducted to Dunscore Old, 1930; demitted 1939; Inducted to Santiago Union Church, Chile, 1939; Locum Tenens at Hopemount, Arbroath, 1942; Inducted to St. Ninian's, Paisley, 1944; to Denbeath c. 1957. Died 1964.

William TURNER  Born 1905;  Glasgow University M. A. 1927; B.D. 1930; Black Theological Fellow 1930/31; Licensed 1930; Assistant at St. Kentigern's 1931/34; Ordained to Gargunnock, 1934; War Service with Church of Scotland Hub & Canteens, Orkney, 1943; Head Warden C.D. 1938/45; Officiating Chaplain Leckie Hospital, Gargunnock 1940/46; Clerk to Stirling & Dunblane Presbytery 1951; Retired and at time of writing resident in Gargunnock.

George Peat INNES - Born 1910, Glasgow University M. A. 1930; LL.B. 1931; B.D. 1946; Licensed 1934; Assistant at St. Kentigern's 1934; Assistant at Glasgow Cathedral 1934/38; ordained 1936; Inducted to Skelmorlie & Wemyss Bay South, 1938; F.S.A.I (Scot.); Member. Historical Association; Stair Society; Scottish Church History Society; Wrote "Ecclesiastical Patronage in Scotland in the 12th & 13th Centuries" in records of the Scottish Church History Society, Vol. XII, 1954. Died 1971.

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