Online Sunday Reflection 5 July 2020

Online Sunday Reflection 5 July 2020

This Sunday's Online Reflection helps us to think about the difference between religion and faith (if any). The Church is a place where we find both.
I also refer to the story of Eric Thomas as told on the Podcast titled "The Confessional". The whole episode can be found here: Please note that this podcast is not for sensitive listeners.

I believe the Church is still a very important institution, where many good things are being done and where so many find the peace and love described in the video. I believe in the Church - I also believe that we burden the institution of the church with many unnecessary things, that can make it a violent and unsafe space for some.

We would like to remind everyone that there are also other worship resources available. The Church of Scotland has a list of congregations that livestream Church services. To access these - please follow the link below:

We also remind you that BBC One Scotland presents a program named "Reflections at the Quay" at 11:15am on Sundays. Feel free to have a look at that as well.

Great to see PCT has a revitalised website. We look forward to being able to share together again in worship and social events as lockdown eases.

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