18 West Clerestory 10, 11 & 12

West Clerestory 10, 11 & 12West Clerestory 10 West Clerestory 11 West Clerestory 12

Fruit tree
‘Whither thou goest I will go.’


Fruit Tree
‘Thy God shall be my God’

In memory of Dora Goldsmid, died 15th December 1900 and Anne O. Steuart, died 1st August 1901.

Mrs Goldsmid was the widow of Yeats Henry Goldsmid. Mrs. Goldsmid and her sister Anne O. Steuart resided at 331, Lexham Gardens, London. They were the daughters of the late Lieutenant-General George MacKenzie Steuart and sisters of Mrs. Alice Niven commemorated in the adjoining three windows.


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