12 Parlour

parlour 1
parlour 2
parlour 3 parlour 4 parlour 5

Faith carrying a cross in her right hand

Scroll “Fervent in spirit serving the Lord

Charity with children Scroll “ Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” Hope carrying an anchor in her left hand

No inscription or record traced.

The minutes dated 22/3/1878 record that the Building Committee was authorised to erect three stained glass windows on the ?(illegible) wall to harmonise with the memorial windows to be erected on the same side.  Report on opening says “all the windows on the west wall had been secured by members of the congregation as memorials of deceased relations.” Two windows gifted by Daniel Stuart Wilkie and two gifted by William Laird in the west wall, 1878, give no indication that they are “memorials”. All other windows except the above five were gifted.  The conclusion seems to be that these five were erected by the building committee.


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