Sunday 31st July 2011

This week, as we conclude our reflections on the letter to the Colossians, we note Paul’s final greetings are more than just “Hi’s and Byes”.

We concentrate though on the teaching Paul gives on the centrality of prayer in the life and functioning of the church both at home and in its activity in spreading the Gospel message.

The order of service for our worship is below:

Pollokshields  Church of Scotland.

Order of Service.

Sunday 31st July  2011


Call to Worship

HYMN      482  Come let us to the Lord our God,

All Age Talk  

Prayer and Lord's Prayer

HYMN     142     A small thing,     (invite children to leave at end)

Intimations  -

Anthem   (or 579    Come my way,  my truth,  my life)

Prayer of  Adoration and Confession

Reading       Colossians ch 4 v 2-11       read by  Aquila Singh

HYMN     546       Prayer is the soul’s...

Reading        Colossians ch 4 v 12-18    read by  Aquila Singh

Prayers of Intercession

HYMN    547    What a friend we have in Jesus,


Offering and Dedication

HYMN     192  All my hope on God is founded,


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