25th November 2012

Praise: 11:00am

*as printed, CH 340, CH 198, CH 453, CH 396

Reading from

Colossians Ch 1 vs 11-12


The Guild.

* Inspire Us Lord

Inspire Us Lord, give us the strength and courage

To serve with grace, unselfish and sincere.

Commit our lives, supporting one another

With hope and peace replacing hurt and fear.

Reach our and help with love and with compassion,

Give strength and hope to those who are in need

To work as one, to change the lives of many.

Express our faith in worship, prayer and deed.

So, Lord, awaken us to every challenge

With confidence, determined to succeed.

Let us act justly, always showing maercy;

Break down the walls transform lives indeed.

With willing hearts, we gladly serve the Lord our God.

In him we trust and in him we believe

And reach beyond our every expectation,

Let us have faith in all that we can achieve.

Words: Diane Cumming, March 2012 the winning hymn in a competition held for The Guild 125th year anniversary

Tune: Londonderry Air 

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