6th November 2011


1. Sunday 13th November 2011 – 10:50am Service of Remembrance Sunday

 Junior Church and Crèche

2 Scottish Asian Christian Fellowship – As today is the first Sunday of the month, the Scottish Asian Fellowship meets this afternoon at 3:30pm

3. Midweek Service – Our midweek service takes place on Wednesday 9th November.  It is a short service from 9:45am – 10:00am. This week's service will be followed by the dedication of the Remembrance Wreath in the Church.

4. Coffee Break – This takes place after the midweek service from 10:00am–11:30am.

On duty this week are Elizabeth McKissock, David Hart, Helen Templeton, Maeve Kinloch and Janette Sneddon.

5. Christmas Cards – Church stained glass window Christmas cards are now available, costing £1.50. This is in aid of church finance.

6. Prayer Support Network – Prayer requests can be put in the box by the front door or by email via the church website.

7. The Way – The Way youth group meets tonight at the Fotheringay Centre.

8. Pastoral Care – Rev David Black is usually at the Church on Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service. Otherwise, please contact him on 423 4000 for all pastoral matters. Thanks

Other Notices

1. The Guild – The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 7th November at 2:30pm. The speaker is Mrs J Blair, who will give a talk entitled 'Romance at Rouken Glen'. All welcome.

2. Communion Cards – Communion Cards are ready for Elders to uplift. Please see Elena Smith in the hall after the service. Thanks

3. WFO Envelopes– The WFO envelope 'batches' are available to be picked up by their respective elders. If anyone wishes to start using WFO envelopes, please contact Murray Henderson in and around the church or via the website, or on 0141 423 8421. Thanks.

4. Life and Work – If you would like to read a copy of Life and Work, we have a few spare copies. Please uplift one from the pram and wheelchair area in the church.

5. Yellow Age Slips – Please fill in again this week one of the yellow slips giving the range in which your age falls. This part of Presbytery's planning exercise. Thank you.

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