5th June 2011

1.Sunday 5th June 2011 - 11:00am Morning Worship.

 Junior Church and Crèche

2. Lodging House Mission– The Lodging House Mission has experienced a growth in numbers over the last few months with the result that there is now a shortage of sugar, tinned goods fruit, vegetables, rice, cold meat and corned beef. Any donations will be gratefully received and should be given to Elva Carlisle. Thanks

3.Midweek Service – Our midweek service takes place on Wednesday 8th June.  It is a short service from 9:45am – 10:00am.

4. Coffee Break– This takes place after the midweek service from 10:00am–11:30am.

On duty this week are Esme Mackay, Ian Mackay, Sadie Swan, Sylvia Pacitti and Mairi Fisher.

5. Prayer Support – Prayer request cards are available in the pews, or requests can be made via the church website: www.pollokshieldschurch.org.uk

6. Pastoral Care– Rev David Black is usually at the Church on Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service. Otherwise, please contact him on 423 4000 for all pastoral matters. Thanks

 Other Notices

 1. Kirk Session – The Kirk Session meets on Tuesday 7th June at 7:30pm.

2. Public Meeting – Pollokshields Community Council has organised a public meeting tomorrow, Monday 6th June at St Albert’s Primary from 7:00-9:00pm. The guest speaker is Christine McNally from the national association of Community Councils.

Kirk Session minutes are available today. Elders please uplift your copy from the Side Chapel.

3. Concert for Romania – The Spirit of Life Youth Choir is performing a midsummer concert to raise finds for a forthcoming trip to Romania. It will take place in our church on Friday 24th June at 7:00pm. Full details available from: www.mathew-todd.co.uk

4. The Way– The Way youth group next meets on Sunday 19th June for ‘Games in Park’.

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