26th January 2014

1. Sunday 2nd February 2014 - Morning Worship, Junior Church  & Creche.

2. Midweek Service - Our Midweek service is on Wednesday 29th January at 9:45am.

3. Coffee Break - This follows our Midweek service from 10:00am to 11:30am. On duty this week are Alison Blake, Angus Turner, George Thomson, Marjory Swan and Betty Miller.

4. Study Group - A new study group will be starting on Wednesday 5th February and Thursday 6th February. See seperate leaflet for Full details.

5. Finance Group - The finance group meets on Wednesday 29th January at 7:30pm.

6. Pastoral Care - Rev David R Black is usually at the Church on Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service .

Otherwise, please contact him on 423 4000 for all pastoral matters.

Other Notices

1. Bookworms - The next book on our list is Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. The date of the next Bookworms meeting is Thursday 30th January at 2:00pm. All welcome, Full details from Mrs Sylvia Pacitti.

2. The Way - The next meeting of the Way youth group is on Sunday 16th February, from 6:00pm tp 8:00pm at Sherbrooke St Gilberts.

3. The Guild - The Guild next meets on Monday 24th February at 7:30pm.


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