20 November 2016

  1. Today's Service – 11am Morning Wortship  & Junior Church. 
  2. Remembrance Sunday – The total retiring collection for Erskine last week was £302.42. Thanks for your generosity. 
  3. Next Week's Service – Sunday  27th November, 11.00am,  Morning Worship & Junior Church
  4. Midweek Service – Our midweek service takes place on Wednesday 23rd November, between 9.45am and 10.00 am.
  5. Coffee Break – This follows our midweek service between 10.00am and 11.30am. On duty this Wednesday are Sadie Swan, Sylvia Pacitti and Gwen Brougham. 
  6. Pastoral Care – Stuart Crawford will cover all pastoral matters from today until 24th November. Call him on 07912 534280. For church matters contact Mary Morrison on (0141) 632 1659. Thanks. 
  7. The Guild - The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 21st November, at 2.30pm with a presentation on our project. 'Let's Stick Together'. All welcome. 
  8. Backpack Appeal - Please support Junior Church efforts for Mary's Meals as per last week's information. There are boxes on the platform for donations. Many thanks. 
  9. Attention Bookworms – For the November meeting there are two books available: No Way But Gentleness by Richard Hines, a memoir (now a film) of how Kes, his kestrel, changed his life, and The Night Book by Richard Madeley, described as 'an authentic thriller set in the Lake District'. 
    These will be discussed at our next meeting on Thursday 24th November at 2.00pm. 
    This is an open meeting and everyone interested will be made most welcome. Tea and coffee will be served.
  10. Bible Study – The Bible Study & Prayer Group's next topic for discussion is 'The Judgement of God' (based on Romans 2 ). It is on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.30pm and everyone is VERY welcome. Contact Murray Henderson on (0141) 423 8421 for further details.
  11. Daisy Chain Christmas Boxes – Once again we have the opportunity to brighten some child's Christmas. Selection boxes should be handed in at the Church no later than Sunday 4'" December. These will be taken to Crossreach at lnglefield Street for distribution. We gave very generously last year and our gifts - for about 100 children - were appreciated. Any queries, please contact Sylvia Pacitti.
  12. Monthly Worship – Service at Oakview Manor Care Home this Wednesday, 23rd November. All welcome. 
  13. WFO Envelopes – The WFO envelope batches are available to be picked up by their respective Elders. Anyone in the congregation wishing to start using the envelopes should contact Murray Henderson either at Church or by phone on the above number. Thanks.
  14. Men's Group – A new men's group will start in the New Year. Meeting monthly from January to June, we have a variety of events planned. If you are interested or would like more information, speak to Stuart Crawford or email him at s-crawford2@sky.com 
  15. Lodging House Mission – Please note that Lodging House Mission Christmas cards will be on sale today in the Hall. Thanks. 
  16. The Way – The youth group meets tonight,  Sunday, 20th November, at Sherbrooke St Gilberts Church hall for the usual games, activities and discussion. 

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