5 JANUARY 2020

  1. TODAY'S SERVICE - SUNDAY 5TH JANUARY 11.00am Morning Service and Junior Church followed by an informal Communion. 3.30pm Scottish Asian Christian Fellowship
  2. NEXT WEEK'S SERVICE - SUNDAY 12TH JANUARY  11.00am Morning Service and Junior Church.
  3. THE GUILD / BOOKWORMS - Details fo upcoming meetings will be provided in the next few weeks.
  4. MIDWEEK SERVICE  - Our Midweek Service takes place on Wednesday 8th January from 9.45am to 10.00am. 
  5. COFFEE BREAK - Coffee Break is 10.00am to 11.30am. On duty this week are David Hart, Maeve Kinloch and Jean McKenzie.
  6. LIFE & WORK - The January issue of Life & Work is available for uplift this morning.
  7. WELCOME TEAMS - The new rotas for the period Sunday 22nd December, 2019 to Sunday 12th July, 2020, are now available for collection today. 
  8. INTIMATIONS SHEET - This is the first weekly sheet for 2020. Happy New Year and remember to leave your intimations in the box in the Hall by Griday morning on a wek-to-week basis. Thanks
  9. PASTORAL CARE  - Rev. David Black and Rev. Eddie Enslin are usually at Church on Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service. Please contact Rev. Black on 423 4000 for all pastoral matters. 

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