27th May 2018

  1. Today's Service - Sunday 27th May 11.00am, Morning Worship and Junior Church including Sacrament of Baptism 
  2. Next Week's Service - Sunday 3rd June 11.00am, Morning Worship and Junior Church 
  3. Midweek Service - This takes place on Wednesday 30th May from 9.45am to 10.00am. 
  4. Coffee Break - Coffee Break on Wednesday 30th May from 10.00am to 11.30am. On duty this week are Janette Sneddon, David Hart, Evelyn McF arlane and Helen Templeton.
  5. Bible Study - The Bible Study and Prayer Group is currently studying The Ten Commandments. Our next topic is 'Idol Minds' (based Exodus 32). We meet on Tuesday 12th June at 7.30pm. Everyone is VERY welcome. Contact Murray Henderson Thanks. 
  6. The GuildPlease note that the next summer syllabus meeting of the Guild takes place on Monday 11th June at 2.30pm.
  7. Finance Group - The Finance Group meets on Thursday 7th June at 7.30pm.
  8. Kirk Session - The Kirk Session meets on Tuesday 12th June at 7.30pm.
  9. Christian Aid - The total raised so far is £981. 00 + Gift Aid (£780.00 Gift Aided). Thanks for your generosity.
  10. Book Worms - The next meeting of Bookworms takes place this Thursday, 31st May, at 2.00pm. The book to be discussed will be The Innocent Man by John Grisham. All are welcome. Tea and biscuits served. 
  11. Life and Work - The June issue of Life & Work magazine is available for uplift this morning.
  12. Gift Day - This is on Sunday 10th June for the new kitchen fund. Details in your Eider's visit this month.
  13. Pastoral Care - Rev. David Black is usually at Church on Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service. Please call him on (0141) 423 4000 for all pastoral matters. Thanks.

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