20 October 2019

  1. TODAY'S SERVICE - Sunday 10th October 11.00 am Morning Worship And Junior Church
  2. NEXT WEEK'S SERVICE - Sunday 27th October 11.00 am Morning Worship And Junior Church
  3. THE GUILD - The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 21st October, at 2.30pm. All welcome.
  4. MIDWEEK SERVICE  - Our Midweek Service takes place on Wednesday 23rd October from 9.45am to I 0.00am. 
  5. COFFEE BREAK - Coffee Break is 10.00am to 11.30am. On duty this week are Sadie Swan Sylvia Pacitti and Gwen Brougham.
  6. FINANCE GROUP - The Finance Group meets on Wednesday 30th October at 7 .30pm.
  7. KIRK SESSION - The Kirk Session meets on Sunday 3rd November at 12.30pm to discuss property matters. 
  8. ATTENTION BOOKWORMS - The next meeting of Bookworms will be on Thursday 31" October at 2pm. The book to be discussed is  Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce, described as a most  uplifting book about courage, friendship and love by the Sunday Times. Tea and biscuits. All are welcome.
  9. HARVEST THANKSGIVING - Donations to the Lodging House Mission last to the week totaled £8580o0 plus Gift Aid of £145.00. Many thanks for your generosity and to those who delivered gifts to housebound members of our congregation.
  10. BIBLE STUDY - Are we to be a Church without a Bible Study Group? Sadly, with only two members of our Church attending regularly, the meetings must stop ... unless changing the format/time helps attract others. If anyone has a solution, do tell the Minister or myself, Murray Henderson 
  11. LIFE AND WORK - Please note that the November issue of Life & Work is available for uplift this morning.
  12. DAISY CHAIN - Daisy Chain would again value your gifts of selection boxes for their children's parties at Christmas this year. Children are aged 1-8. In order that they can plan ahead, staff would appreciate if boxes can be delivered by the last Sunday (24th) in November. They can be brought to the Church right up until that date. Many thanks. 
  13. PASTORAL CARE  - Rev. David Black is usually at Church on a Wednesday morning for the Midweek Service. Call him on 423 4000 for all pastoral matters. 

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