25th February 2018

  1. Today's Service - Sunday 25th February 11.00am Morning Worship and Junior Church Second Sunday in Lent
  2. Next Week's Service - SUNDAY 4th MARCH 11.00am Morning Worship led by guest preacher Miss Anne MacDonald
  3. Midweek Service - This takes place on Wednesday 28st February from 9.45am to 10.00am. 
  4. Coffee Break - Coffee Break on Wednesday 28th February from 10.00am to 11.30am. On duty this week are Elva Carlisle, Irene Macleod, Maeve Kinloch and Jean McKenzie. 
  5. Bible Study - The Bible Study and Prayer Group is drawing upon New Testament characters and our next subject is 'Pricilla and Aquila - Practising Hospitality'  (based on Acts 18 & Romans 16: 3-5). We meet this Tuesday, 131n February, at 7.30pm. Everyone is VERY welcome.  Contact Murray Henderson for full details and to verify date. Thanks. 
  6. Property Group - The Property Group meets on Wednesday 28th February at 7.30pm. 
  7. Finance Group - The Finance Group meets on Wednesday 7th March at 7.30pm. 
  8. Attention BookwormsOur next meeting takes place on Thursday 29th March at 2.00pm. Our book for discussion is Exposure by Helen Dunmore, a tale of espionage during the Cold War. All welcome, whether or not you have read the book! Tea and coffee will be served. 
  9. The Guild - The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 26th February, at 2.30pm. There will be a presentation on Street Pastors, a Guild project. All welcome.
  10. Annual Stated MeetingThis will take place on Tuesday 17th April at 7.30pm. 
  11. Life & Work - The March issue of Life & Work is available for uplift this morning.
  12. World Day of PrayerOur local service takes place on Friday 2nd March at 2.00pm in Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church (formerly Sherbrooke St Gilbert's).
  13. Pastoral Care - While Rev. David Black is on holiday, all pastoral matters will be dealt with by Rev. Valerie Duff of Shawlands Trinity Church (0141 258 6782). Thanks.

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