20th January 20192019

  1. Today's Service - Sunday 20th January 11.00am, Morning Worship and Junior Church.
  2. Next Week's Service - Sunday 27th Januaryr 11.00am Morning Worship.
  3. Midweek Service - Our Midweek Service takes place on Wednesday 23rd January  from 9.45am to 10.00am. 
  4. Coffee Break - Coffee Break on Wednesday 16th January  from 10.00am to 11.30am. On duty this week are Janette Sneddon, David Hart and Evelyn McFarlane.
  5. Bible Study - The Bible Study and Prayer Group is studying the 10 Commandments. Our next topic is 'Respect for the Truth' (based on Proverbs 12). We meet on Tuesday 22nd January at 7.30pm. Contact Murray Henderson for details.
  6. WFO - If anyone wishes a letter stating their total contribution in the last year, contact Murray Henderson. In the meantime, thanks to all who donated to the work of the Church in 2018 using their WFO envelopes. Your support and generosity is appreciated.
  7. Fund Raising - In 2018, cards sold at Wednesday Coffee Breaks or as special orders raised £364 for the Kitchen Fund. Added to £172 raised in 2017, the Kitchen Fund has received a total of £536 to date. Since 2011, you have bought more than 2000 cards, raising more than £2,400 for the Guild or for the new kitchen. A huge thanks for your purchases and donations! In 2019, card proceeds will again go to the Kitchen Fund. 
    Sheila Hart
  8. Bookworms - The next meeting is on Thursday 31st January at 2.00pm. The book to be discussed is Snap, by Belinda. This is an open meeting so do feel free to come along! Tea and biscuits will be served.
  9. The Guild - The next session of the Guild will get underway on Monday 18th February. Full details to follow.

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