8 November 2015

  1. Today's Service – Morning Worship for Remembrance Sunday, Junior Church & Crèche.
  2. Next Week's Service – Sunday 15th November, 11 am. Guest Preacher - Rev Donald McLeod
  3. Midweek Service – Our midweek service takes place as usual on Wednesday 11th  November between 9.45am and 10.00pm. This week's service will have a Remembrance theme
  4. Coffee Break – This follows our midweek service between 10.00am and 11.30pm. on duty this week are Sadie Swan, Sylvia Pacitti, Mairi Fisher, Nathan Todd and Olga.
  5. Pastoral Care  – From  9th  to  23rd November please contact Rev Val Duff on 0141 258 6782 re all pastoral matters or speak to the Session Clerk, Mary Morrison, on 0141 632 1659.
  6. Communion Cards  – Elders please note Communion Cards are now ready to be uplifted this morning.
  7. WFO Envelopes  – The WFO envelope batches are available to be picked up by their respective Elders. Anyone wishing to start using envelopes should contact Murray Henderson..
  8. The Guild  – The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 9th November at 2.30pm. The speaker is Sylvia MacFarlane, who will give a talk entitled "Women of Faith". All welcome,
  9. Bookworms – November's book is Flesh Wounds  by Chris Brookmyre. We have already read his Sunday Times bestseller Where The Bodies Are Buried at a a previous meeting. This acclaimed Scottish author's ne work will be discussed at our next meeting on Thursday 26th November at 2.00pm. All welcome. Tea and coffee served.
  10. Life & Work The order form for the Church of Scotland's own journal for 2016 is now available. If you wish to order Life & Work next year, please take an order form from the table in the Hall.
  11. Selection Boxes Church of Scotland Crossreach have again asked for our help in providing Christmas Gifts for the Daisy Chain project in Inglefield Street. These should take the form of selection boxes suitable for ages up to seven years old. To facilitate distribution, we are requested to ha=ve these handed in to the church no later than Sunday 29th November. Thank you!
  12. The Way The youth group next meets on Sunday  15th November between 6.00pm and 8.00pm in Sherbrooke St Gilbert's Church Hall for the usual games, activities and discussion.

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