11 October 2015

  1. Today's Service – Please note that a short, informal Act of Holy Communion follows our service this morning in the Side Chapel. Those who wish to share the Sacrament should move to theside seats when the congregation exits the sanctuary at the conclusion of our service.
  2. Next Week's Service – Sunday 18th October, 11.00 am. Guest Preacher: Rev Bill Hewitt, Presbytery Clerk of Glasgow.
  3. Guest Organist – We warmly welcome Mr Scott Blackwell who is our guest organist this week.
  4. Midweek Service – Our midweek service takes place as usual on Wednesday 14th September between 9.45am and 10.00pm.
  5. Coffee Break – This follows our midweek service between 10.00am and 11.30pm. On duty this week are Sadie Swan, Sylvia Pacitti, Mairi Fisher, Nathan and Olga Choueva Garry.
  6. Life & Work  – The October issue of Life & Work is available for uplift this morninmg. The magazine is late this month due to delivery problems.  The order form for next year's subscription wiil be issued soon.
  7. Harvest Thanksgiving  – The total raised for the Lodging House Mission from the envelopes issued on Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday is £687.92. Mant thanks for all your donations.

Special Notice

Bible Study  – Our next Bible Study on Tuesday 13th October is 'Praying our Doubt' based on Psalm 73. Everyone is welcome, so please come along and add to the fellowship. Contact Murray Henderson on 0141 423 8421 for full details. Thanks.

Other Notices

  • Bookworms – October's book is A Man Called Ove  by Fredrik Backman. Described by The Spectator as a book that finally rescues men who constantly mean to read novels but never get round to it! For the rest of us aparently by the end of it we will all want to hug him.  It will be discussed at our next meeting on Thursday 26th October at 2.00pm, when we shall find out in our discussion if we agree with this view. All welcome. Tea and coffee served.
  • The Guild – The Guild meets tomorrow, Monday 12th October, at 2.30pm. The speaker is Stephen Pacitti who will give a talk on the Guild theme. All welcome.

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